Horizontal Cartoning machine

Horizontal Cartoning machine

1. Max packing speed: 150boxes per min. 2. Max carton size: 70 X 130 X 250mm; min carton size:20 X 60 X 100mm 3. Working voltage can be adjusted. 4. Japan Omron PLC and touch screen, France Schneider button.

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Honetop HTH-120G high speed cartoning machine

Configuration Images

details configuration1

details configuration2

Machine Main Features and functions

  • 1. Horizontal cartoning machine, suitable for daily chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food, lamps, candy, etc.

  • 2. Fast production change and module switching.  

  • 3. It is mainly used for mechanical cam and gear transmission, module structure, simple operation and easy maintenance.

  • 4. PLC and man-machine interface automatic control operating system are adopted, no box is opened without material, with high degree of automation and easy to understand operation.  

  • 5. It has the functions of fault display, alarm and finished product counting.

  • 6. Comply with GMP and CE requirements.

Cartoning Diagram


Packaging Type

Scope of application

Aluminum plastic blister board, ointment, pill tray, soft double aluminum, bag like articles and other similar articles.

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