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automatic food box cartoning machine suitable for packing all kinds of food into carton box. Can connect to other machines to be automatic whole line.

Product Details

Material in box packing

this machine can pack various tube product,such as wrap,bottle ,etc.


The final output product


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Product Application

Frequency control speed, PLC automatic control system.           

Adopts human-machine interface operating system, automatic display production speed, quantity, and other performance parameters, and display the failure causes and methods of operation and maintenance.

On the same machine in the specified range can achieve multiple size packing by the adjustment.

Manual and automatic conversion function.

The folding instruction manual and box is completed synchronously.          

In the carton synchronous print three row batch number, and the installation of print serial number function is available.           

Automatic detection system, the unqualified product is provided with the positioning and function of eliminating online.            

Can be equipped with hot melt adhesive machine. (Optional)

Customized is available base on user’s products requirements.

Automatic forming carton box and load product into carton and seal carton.

It is more stable to use self-lubricating system.

By adjusting the dial, the humanized mechanical memory device can quickly and easily adjust the position of the relative device and realize the Product dimension transformation.


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