Automatic Cartoning Packing Machine With Hot Melt Glue Machine

Automatic aluminum foil pillow package cartoning machine production line is self-developed model which combine actual situation of domestic users. It’s abutting joint middle transfering product mechanism with separate flexible to scrabble up, without any mechanical drive connection and electrical control to aluminum foil pillow packing machine to achieve crawler linking to cartoning machine. This packing production line is suitable for aluminum foil pillow package bag inserting to carton which automatically link to cartoning machine. Online can automatic finish product feeding (such as blister), detecting, aluminum film pillow packing, rejecting for lack of product,aluminum foil pillow package bag automatic middle transferring and feeding, leaflet folding ,carton forming, product inserting ,batch number printing, carton flap sealing, waste product rejecting, finished product output, product counting and so on.

Product Details

Material in box packing 

This machine can pack various finished products into boxes.Such as biscuit, chocolate,candy, coffee bar,etc.


The final output product

These are just a few boxes, and this machine can also pack many other types.


 Machine Picture Show



Product Application

This packing production line is suitable for aluminum foil pillow package bag inserting to carton which automatically link to cartoningmachine



Encasing speed



Quality requirement

250-350g/m2[Base on carton size]

Dimension range(L×W×H)



Quality requirement


Unfolded leaflet specification(L×W)


Fold range(L×W)


Compressed air

Working pressure


Air consumption


Power supply

220V  50HZ

Motor Power


Machine dimension(L×W×H)


Machine weight



Main Features

1. Compact structure, stable and advanced performance, easy for operation.
2. Double frequency convert motor, and stepless variable speed, and the length of bag can be set on PLC, and cutting will be reaction instant, just one step, and save the time and film.
3. PLC control, friendly operate interface, for convenient and rapid to set parameters
4. Intelligence software, diagnose and show fault automatically
5. Hi-sensitive electric eye, which trace the printed web on film and make the sealing on accurate position.
6. Accurate temperature control, which is control the sealing temperature for various of packing film. And the sealing effect is very well.
7. Main body is made in stainless steel. Fit to GMP standard.
8. Simple transmission system, which is more reliable work and convenient maintenance.
9. According to the situation of packaging products, it can be combined with different automatic feeder.

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