Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine
  • Box Cartoning Machine

Box Cartoning Machine

Production speed: 100-150 boxes / min Package specification: L 100-250mm × W 60-130mm × H 20-70mm (Special size can be customized) Electrical power: three-phase 380V50Hz 1.5kw Overall dimension: 5713 × 1350 × 1900mm(L × W × H)

Product Details


Overall specifications




Form The Box and Put The Product Into The Box

Carton Size


Applicable Industry

Beauty Products, Medicine, Daily Necessities,Foods, etc.


120~150 boxes/minute

Machine Type

Fully Automatic


380V 50Hz(or customized)

Advanced Customization

Relevant Configurations Can Be Added


2000kg (Around 4409 Ib)

Afrer-Sales Services

Video Technical Support, Online Support.

After COVID, Technist Can Be Assigned To Your Country If Needed.


Air source

0.5~0.8 Mpa

Machine Dimension


Features & advantages

  • 1. It integrates automatic box taking, automatic manual putting (optional), automatic box loading, automatic box folding and automatic socket (glue spraying and box sealing), with a high degree of automation, smooth operation and high reliability.

  • 2. The high-precision servo mobile positioning is adopted. The positioning is based on the carton reference. The positioning accuracy is very high. It has excellent reliability for the products with compact space between carton and articles. At the same time, it also eliminates the problem of unstable factors caused by long service time of the whole mechanical chain, resulting in cartoning errors.

  • 3. Widely absorb the manufacturing technology and experience of European and American equipment, and develop it on the basis suitable for national conditions, which has high cost performance compared with products with the same performance.

  • 4. It has strong universality and can be applied to multiple specifications of cartons.

Machine parts

details configuration1

details configuration2

Application sample display

Technological process


Manual placement of products into the cartoning machine material conveying - photoelectric detection of materials - manual automatic folding forming - carton automatic folding forming - left page automatic folding forming - product automatic pushing into the box-- right side automatic folding forming - left and right large folding automatic folding forming - glue spraying sealing - the finished product conveyor belt will fold the carton and transport it out of the equipment - complete

Packing details

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Worldwide cooperation


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