Box Packaging Machine For Coffee Bag

• This machine HTH-120G is the fastest Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine in our company. It is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, household chemicals, hardware and electrical industries for the packaging of blisters, bottles, pouch, vials, pillow packs, toothpaste, etc

Product Details

Product Details

Material in box packing 

It can pack pouch and other product 


The final output product

These are just a few boxes, and this machine can also pack many other types.

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Product Application

1. This machine is suitable for medicine, Alu-plastic plate cosmetic, artwork, foodstuff as well as analogous objects package.

2. Automatically execute folding, box forming, open box, cartoning, printing, sealing.

3. Adopt with PLC human-machine interface, photoelectric control parts movements, in case something abnormal happens, will stop running automatically and displaying the reason for clearing.

4. It can be using separately, also can connect with blister packing machine or other equipments made up a production line.



The brand can be configured according to the customer's requirements

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Packing & Delivery


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Hot Tags: box packaging machine for coffee bag, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, buy, price, for sale


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