Carton Box Packaging Machine

Carton Box Packaging Machine

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HTH-120G automatic continuous cartoning machine is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, gas and machinery. Through a series of photoelectric control, the machine practices many cumbersome actions and is coordinated to ensure the packaging quality. The machine can automatically fold the manual (1-4 fold), open the carton, push in the product and manual, imprint the batch number and seal the box (it can also heat the melt glue sealing device). The machine can be used alone or in linkage with canning machine, aluminum plastic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine and other equipment to form a production line. It is suitable for the packaging of various aluminum plastic plates, medicine bottles, daily cosmetics, food and electronic products, cosmetics and small articles with specifications within a certain range packing.

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Machine informations

Model NO.




Machine Type

Automatic Cartoning Machine

Packing For

medicines, food, school supplies, health care products,etc




1 Year


120~150 boxes/minute

Control System



380V 50Hz(or customized)

Machine Frame

304 Stainless Steel


2000kg (Around 4409 Ib)

Transport Package

Export Standard Package

Air source

0.5~0.8 Mpa

Unfolded Leaflet Specification


Machine Dimension


Sealing type

Packing & Delivery

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After sales service guarantee

Non standard customized design / free installation and commissioning / free warranty for one year / lifelong after-sales maintenance

                        01 package door-to-door installation and commissioning, including teaching machine operation and use;

                        02 packages packed in wooden cases and transported to the user's factory;

                        03 free door-to-door warranty service within one year, and free replacement of spare parts within one year;

                        04 more than 10 years of packaging machine production, old brand, professional and considerate service.

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