Hot Glue Carton Machine
  • Hot Glue Carton Machine
  • Hot Glue Carton Machine
  • Hot Glue Carton Machine
  • Hot Glue Carton Machine
  • Hot Glue Carton Machine
  • Hot Glue Carton Machine

Hot Glue Carton Machine

Product Details Material in box packing Our machine can pack various food or other production.The final output product These are just a few boxes, and this machine can also pack many other types. Machine Picture Show HTH-120G Product Application Automatic aluminum foil pillow package cartoning...

Product Details

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Main performance and structural features

1. Automatic feeding, box feeding, batch number printing (optional), glue spraying, box sealing and other packaging forms are adopted, with compact and reasonable structure and simple operation and adjustment;

2. With servo motor, touch screen and PLC programmable control system, the man-machine interface display, operation is clearer and simpler, the degree of automation is higher and more humanized

3. Automatic material handling and conveying mechanism is adopted to facilitate linkage production with automatic production line, which can greatly reduce labor cost;

4. The photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system is adopted to save packaging materials to the greatest extent;

5. Large packaging range, convenient adjustment, fast conversion between various specifications and sizes;

6. The replacement specification does not need to replace a large number of molds, but only needs to adjust or replace individual parts:

7. It adopts automatic shutdown and overload protection device of main drive motor when articles are not in place in the box, which is safer and more reliable;

8. Safety protective cover is adopted, which is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance.



Hot melt glue machine:

We have glue machines of different brands and different prices to choose from, providing customers with the most cost-effective choice.

Control panel:

Siemens panel, high-definition color large screen, simple operation, and smooth operation, production problems will be displayed on the screen.



Product convey:

We will customize the design of the product conveyor style according to the customer's products to achieve the best feeding and boxing effect.

Box storage slot:

The box storage slot is designed to be adjustable, which is convenient for customers to change boxes of different specifications.


Pushing device:

Servo push material,opticaleye detection, no material will not put the box down, which can avoid the appearance of empty boxes and avoid waste.


Box sealing device:

It can automatically close the box, and is equipped with a hot melt glue machine to make the box more dense and flat after sealing.


Finished product outlet 

Open design, convenient for back-end docking with various other packaging equipment.

Bands of some components:


Our workshop

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Real shooting of some output products 

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