Medicine Box Packaging Machine

Medicine Box Packaging Machine

Product Details Material in box packing Our machine can pack various food or other production The final output product These are just a few boxes, and this machine can also pack many other types. Machine Picture Show HTH-120G Product Application Automatic aluminum foil pillow package cartoning...

Product Details

Machine Drawing






Form The Box and Put The Product Into The Box

Carton Size


Applicable Industry

Beauty Products, Medicine, Daily Necessities,Foods


120~150 boxes/minute

Machine Type

Fully Automatic


380V 50Hz(or customized)

Advanced Customization

Relevant Configurations Can Be Added


2000kg (Around 4409 Ib)

Afrer-Sales Services

Video Technical Support, Online Support.

After COVID, Technist Can Be Assigned To Your Country If Needed.


Air source

0.5~0.8 Mpa

Machine Dimension



  • 1. The machine frame and the machine board have sufficient strength and stiffness. The main drive motor and clutch brake of the machine are installed in the frame. Each transmission system is installed on the machine board. The torque overload protector can separate the main drive motor and each transmission part under overload, so as to protect the machine parts from damage.


  • 2. The machine adopts vt4.4 vacuum pump (Becker, Germany) to automatically take out the box and open the box at a large angle to ensure the opening accuracy of the box.


  • 3. The box entry system operates intermittently and is equipped with push overload protection function to protect the safe box entry of products and instructions.


  • 4. Automatic folding system and conveyor (optional) according to German Guk instructions.


  • 5. Equipped with steel character coding system, it can also be connected to the inkjet printer for cooperation


  • 6. The manual adopts the PLC controlled wheel box entry system to avoid the manual sliding caused by the non synchronization of the traditional box entry mechanism. The system can also adjust the folding length of the manual box entry.

Application and Final Products



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