Carton Box Packaging Machine
  • Carton Box Packaging Machine
  • Carton Box Packaging Machine
  • Carton Box Packaging Machine
  • Carton Box Packaging Machine
  • Carton Box Packaging Machine

Carton Box Packaging Machine

Product Details



Machine introduction

The range of machine packaging is very wide. As long as the products are packed in cartons and boxes, they can be applied regardless of industry. The operation workflow of this model includes material detection, manual folding and transmission, manual detection, carton opening and transmission, material entry, batch number stamping, tongue packaging at both ends of the carton, material shortage elimination and finished product output. The whole process is completed automatically, saving manpower, reducing enterprise cost and improving work efficiency. Our equipment is customized according to the specifications of customers' products. You can contact our customer service to inform your company's product specifications. Our company will have personnel to provide you with cartoning and packaging schemes suitable for your needs.


  • The appearance is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and meets the food hygiene standards.

  • PLC is used to control the touch screen operation interface, with adjustable speed and simple operation.

  • The opening, entering and sealing mechanism of the machine will be customized according to the customer's products.

  • Photoelectric induction, precise control.

  • The machine body is firm, made of 15mm thick high-quality aluminum, and the service life of the machine is more than 10 years.

Machine Configuration

Control panel:

Siemens panel, high-definition color large screen, simple operation, and smooth operation, production problems will be displayed on the screen.

Product convey:

We will customize the design of the product conveyor style according to the customer's products to achieve the best feeding and boxing effect.

Box storage slot:

The box storage slot is designed to be adjustable, which is convenient for customers to change boxes of different specifications.

Pushing device:

Servo push material,opticaleye detection, no material will not put the box down, which can avoid the appearance of empty boxes and avoid waste.

Box sealing device:

It can automatically close the box, and is equipped with a hot melt glue machine to make the box more dense and flat after sealing.

Finished product outlet:

Open design, convenient for back-end docking with various other packaging equipment.

Hot melt glue machine:

We have glue machines of different brands and different prices to choose from, providing customers with the most cost-effective choice.

Suitable Industry

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