Medicine Cartoning Machine
  • Medicine Cartoning Machine
  • Medicine Cartoning Machine
  • Medicine Cartoning Machine
  • Medicine Cartoning Machine
  • Medicine Cartoning Machine

Medicine Cartoning Machine

Multi-function automatic Medicine Cartoning Machine

Product Details

HTH-120G Medicine Cartoning Machine

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Weight & Dimensions



Dimensions in mm


Weight in kg


Output & Speed

Steady production speed

120-170 cartons/mindepend on product



Between( 250-450)g/m2  (according to its dimensions)

Box size range


(Special size can be customized)

Standard power supply

380V / 50Hz (Can be designed according to client countryelectricity standard)

Power consumption in KW


Air consumption


Compressed Air Pressure



80 dB

Features & advantages

1. It can be equipped with automatic release manual, automatic release battery and other accessories (optional).

2. Large packaging range, convenient adjustment, fast conversion between various specifications and sizes;

3. It can realize linkage production with labeling machine, inkjet printer, on-line weighing instrument and other production lines

4. Each station and action are equipped with anti-collision and in place detection, which is safer and more reliable;

5. Equipped with advanced full-automatic high-speed hot melt glue machine, combined with glue gun, the glue spraying system is extremely stable and accurate (socket sealing can also be equipped).

Applicable industries of cartoning machine

Food industry: egg roll, chocolate, biscuits, bread, bagged coffee, seasoning bag, milk powder, etc.

Daily use industry: soap, pen, facial towel, paper towel, tampon and other carton packaging products.

Cosmetics industry:  cosmetic cotton, perfume and other boxed products.

Pharmaceutical industry: ampoule bottle, bagged granule, plaster paste, ointment, aerosol and other boxed products.

3C electronics industry: charging treasure, ring buckle, mobile phone support, etc.

Hardware and electrical appliances: slider, relay and other paper box packaging products.

Auto parts industry: motorcycle bulb, piston ring, auto electronics and other products.

Stationery industry: printing desks, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts and other products.

Output cartons samples

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How the machine pack a carton


Packing type

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