Soap Box Packing Machine

This cartoning machine is used for packing soap into the carton and seals the two ends via gluing.

Product Details

Material in box packing 

this machine can pack various tube product,such as wrap,bottle ,etc.


The final output product


 Machine Picture Show




1- The hot melt adhesive system can be used to complete the hot melt seal

2- The machine adopts PLC to control, electric and gas monitor all parts. If there some things go wrong, the machine will stop running and show the reason, so the operators will check the faults

3- The inside of the machine includes drive motor and clutch brake, and equipped with various parts of the transmission system on the machine board torque overload protector

4- The machine has intelligent detection device

5- The machine can be used separately, and also can be used with automatic rewinding machine equipment to form a complete line

6- The machine can be used according to user's different requirement, and it also can change the packing specifications


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Hot Tags: soap box packing machine, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, buy, price, for sale


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