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Attention to sealing machine

- Jun 19, 2017-

1. Not applicable to metal containers and metal cover, but also can not be placed on the metal table press the Start button, otherwise it will damage the machine.

2. Before the power supply, the induction air plug must be inserted and the screws should be locked.

3. The use of single-phase three-wire power cord, in order to make the operator safe, be sure to use single-phase three-wire power outlets, the workplace ground must be dry to maintain insulation.

4. With temperature overheat automatic protection function, when the inside temperature of the machine is overheated, the inside buzzer is ringing "abnormal protection" (pro. Md.) "Yellow LED light, should turn off the total power switch, standby in the cooling buzzer after the stop, then continue to work."

5. Working process should often touch the surface of the sensor head, check whether overheating, such as found hot should stop heating, after cooling to work (cooling can not turn off the power), "prepare (warm up)" green indicator is not lit, do not press the Start button, so as not to trigger. Please turn off the power switch on the panel after the machine has finished working.

6. With a fuse of 5 A, not more than 5A insurance instead.

7. Inside has the high pressure, the floor is charged, does not have to repair privately, lest the personal electric shock.

8. The use of the machine should be stopped before being used if it is found to be bare.

9. Equipment transportation, storage, use can not impact, pressure, damp.

10. Product Open box inspection and acceptance, in the normal transport, packaging intact circumstances, such as the discovery of product 0 and packing list should be in a timely manner to contact the company. 11, according to the use of instructions, the use of operations should be clear in advance, such as the discovery of product quality problems, within the stipulated period to the company, the equipment warranty for six months and responsible for maintenance.

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