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Comparison of continuous and intermittent automatic cartoning machine

- Jan 13, 2021-

The transmission mechanism of the intermittent cartoning machine runs intermittently, and its speed is 80-100 boxes/min, generally 50-80 boxes/min. The specific analysis is as follows:

The main drive relies on the indexer or brake pad machine type line to move and stay in each cycle.

1. During the stay of the main drive, during the entire conveyor chain, the product falls into the ship on the stationary product conveyor chain. The box opening system is a single-head reciprocating type. The carton bin can store up to 200 cartons. Single suction head sucks down the carton. Open the carton by the chain and baffle of the stationary carton conveyor chain, put it on the chain, and the single suction head returns, the speed is slow; the manual sucked by the origami machine is intermittently sent to the bottom of the product ship, fixed longitudinally The push rod system pushes the product into the carton horizontally, and the push rod returns to the original position; the horizontally fixed box sealing system closes the carton and returns to the original position.

2. During the movement of the main drive, the product conveyor chain moves to send the products in the ship to the suction head of the paper folding machine and the box opening system in sequence. The paper folding machine does not move, the push rod does not move, and the box sealing system also stops moving.

To sum up, due to the limitation of the transmission mechanism, the intermittent cartoning machine is slow in speed, unstable in work, low in yield, high in carton requirements, and has no mechanical memory device, and it is inconvenient to change specifications, so it is only used for low output. , Products and occasions that require low speed.

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