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Some operation specifications and failure analysis of cartoning machine

- Jan 13, 2022-

The packaging machine has become an indispensable mechanical equipment for many enterprises, and its fully automatic performance can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduce labor costs at the same time. Today I will talk about it

Some operation specifications and failure analysis of the cartoning machine allow everyone to have a deeper understanding of the cartoning machine. 

1. First of all, the machine operator should receive professional training and operate proficiently before starting the job.

2. The operator should carefully read the "Instruction Manual" to understand the structure of the machine.  

3. Check whether the components are normal before starting up.

4. When starting the machine, run the machine first to check whether the machine is abnormal and whether the machine parts are loose. 

5. During the operation, according to the normal operation of the machine, place manuals, paper boxes, etc., and check whether the manuals and paper boxes are neatly pasted and other factors that affect the work.  

6. Under normal circumstances, there are two operators in the cartoning machine who are responsible for feeding and controlling the machine during the operation. They also need to check whether the machine is working properly at any time. If there is any abnormality, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. During operation, do not leave the machine. After the work is over, the power should be cut off and the machine should be cleaned thoroughly.

Common failure analysis of automatic cartoning machine:   

1. Conveyor belt gap stop or stop:

The gap is stopped to check whether there is material shortage, and the addition is automatically started;

Stop and check whether the power supply, motor or speed controller is normal.

2. The carton cannot be sucked down:

Whether the cartons are arranged neatly;

Whether the cartons are pasted together;

Is the suction head pressure normal?

3. After the carton is sucked down, it will not form or pop up at the opening of the box-feeding template:

Check if the box is too hard;

Check whether the position of the guide rod for placing the box and the box delivery template is correct;

Check whether the small hook spring on the back of the box delivery template is deformed;

Check whether the height between the suction head and the track in the box is correct.

4. The manual cannot be sucked:

1. Whether the instruction manual is deformed, causing the suction head to fail to suck.

2. Whether the suction head is parallel to the instruction manual.

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