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The basic working principle of labeling machine

- Nov 24, 2021-

       The labeling machine is also called a barcode reader, labeling machine, barcode labeling machine, barcode labeling machine and barcode labeling machine.

       The labeling machine uses the principle of photoelectric technology to convert the bar code management information into a computer-acceptable information input device. Commonly used in the development of libraries, hospitals, bookstores, and national super-economic markets, as a means of entering data for fast registration or settlement of enterprises, it directly affects the quality of bar code information on the outer packaging of goods and services or on printed materials, and enters it online Analysis system.

      The automatic labeling machine is a device that can paste rolls of paper labels or metal foil labels on PCBs, products, or specified packaging.

       The semi-automatic labeling machine completes various operations such as plane pasting, single-sided or multi-sided pasting of packaging, cylindrical pasting, partial or full-covering cylinder pasting, and concave and corner pasting. The labeling machine is an equipment that sticks paper or metal foil labels on specified packaging containers with adhesives. The labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging.

      At present, the types of labeling machines produced in my country are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved. It has shifted from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling to the pattern of automatic high-speed labeling machines occupying the vast market.

      1. The labeling machine is a device used to read the information contained in the barcode. The structural design of the labeling machine is usually the following parts: light source, receiving control device, photoelectric technology conversion working part, decoding display circuit, computer network interface.

      2. The basic working principle of the labeling machine is as follows: the light emitted by the light source is emitted by the optical system to the bar code symbol, and the optical system images the reflected light on the optoelectronic converter to generate an electrical signal. The circuit amplifies the signal to generate an analog voltage, which is directly connected with The light is reflected back to the bar code symbol, and then filtered and shaped to form a square wave signal corresponding to the analog signal, which is interpreted as a direct digital signal by the computer.

     3. Ordinary labeling machines usually use the following three technologies: light pen, CCD, and laser. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. No labeling machine has advantages in all aspects.

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