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The cartoning production line has many advantages compared to manual cartoning

- Jan 21, 2021-

The cartoning production line is a high-tech product integrating electricity, gas and light. It has a universal application range, mainly used for food, daily chemical, hardware, household paper and similar packaging, and automatically completes folding, carton opening, goods packing, printing batch number, and sealing instructions. The machine can be used alone or Use with other equipment to form a complete production line.


The cartoning production line automatically loads products, instructions, desiccant and other items into the folding carton, and completes the box cover action. Some of the more functional equipment also has additional functions such as sealing labels or heat shrink wrapping. Many food, medicine and daily chemical companies. Compared with manual boxing, you can take the job without training, which has obvious advantages.


Advantages of cartoning production line:


1. The machine can continue to work 24 hours a day, as long as the regular maintenance work is done, it can be produced as long as possible, and the production line only needs one or two people to take care of it, which effectively saves labor costs. And because it is mass production, the products produced are more up to the standard with little difference. In addition to the high labor costs and individual differences in products, manual packaging is also affected by the emotions of workers.


2. High production efficiency. The production line takes a fixed time to complete a piece of boxing work. Within a fixed period, the total amount of products that can be completed is also fixed, and will not fluctuate. For the enterprise, it is easier to calculate and control the cost. In addition, because the time to complete a boxing job is fixed, the efficiency is relatively improved, which can reduce the pressure on the staff in related positions, better manage, make the work orderly, and generate more profits for the enterprise.


3. High safety factor. Manual cartoning is inevitable for negligence and fatigue, and accidents are prone to work accidents. The cartoning production line uses machines throughout the entire process. Repeated operations have high accuracy, good stability, fewer personnel, and strong safety, which can effectively prevent injuries to workers. Contribute to the safe and civilized production of enterprises.

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