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About For ​Automatic Rotary Packaging Machine

- Apr 16, 2018-

 Automatic rotary packaging machine combines with domestic and foreign advanced packaging structural features and fully automated control system with the industry, it is a new generation of high-tech products. The machine is widely used in food, agriculture, medicine and other industries.

The machine has the following characteristics

The machine replace traditional manual packing, it makes the packing production automatically, it also improves production efficiency and reduces product cost, significantly.

The machine meet the hygiene standards of food processing. The parts of machine which contact  with materials and bags accords with food hygiene requirements of the materials processing, it ensures food hygiene and safety.
The packing range of machine is wide. It can pack a variety of solid materials, liquids, body butter, powder, granular and other materials with different feeders.
Many kinds of bags can be used in the machine, such as multilayer films, single PE, PP and other pre-made bags, paper bags can be applied. The machine can pack bag with good appearance and sealing.

This machine adopts advanced PLC plus POD (touch frame) electrical control system. The system is with security and stability, reliability, it is easy operation.

The machine with automatic detection function, it can detect the air pressure, temperature controller failure and if the bag is open to control the filling and sealing device to avoid the waste of material and bags, it can cost savings greatly.

The design of machine is compact, transmission arrangement is reasonable, and easy maintenance.

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