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Automatic Multi-row Pre-made Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Aug 04, 2021-

Automatic multi-row pre-made bag vacuum packaging machine

A fully automatic multi-row prefabricated bag vacuum packaging machine, including a main frame and a filling device installed on the main frame for pushing materials into the prefabricated bag, and a bag opening mechanism for opening the opening of the prefabricated bag , Used for prefabricated bag storage, take out and push into the bag opening device of the bag opening mechanism, used to vacuum and heat seal the prefabricated bag with the material in the bag opening mechanism, and the vacuum sealing mechanism and the prefabricated bag from the bag opening mechanism The vacuum sealing mechanism is pushed in, and after completion, the finished material is taken out and put into the bag unloading device of the conveying assembly. The utility model realizes the feeding of irregular materials, the prefabricated bag supports the bag, the irregular material enters the prefabricated bag, and the prefabricated bag is drawn Vacuum heat sealing and a complete set of automatic processes for discharging save manpower and greatly improve work efficiency.

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