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Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Aug 04, 2021-

Bag vacuum packaging machine

The utility model discloses a bag-type vacuum packaging machine, which includes a vacuum packaging main body. The top end of the vacuum packaging main body is equipped with a feeding machine. One side of the mouth is provided with a pressure port, one side of the pressure port is provided with a flattening groove, one side of the flattening groove is provided with an adapter device, and one side of the adapter device is respectively provided with a first vacuum chamber and a second vacuum chamber And the third vacuum chamber, the first vacuum chamber, the second vacuum chamber and the top of the third vacuum chamber are equipped with electrical boxes. This utility model is a bag-type vacuum packaging machine, which can effectively solve the packaging machine production problem and prefabricated The bag is the packaging material, and the product is filled and vacuum-packed. In the process of use, it is designed to ensure the safe use of customers as the first principle and manufactured under strict quality conditions.

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