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Briefly Describe The Faults And Treatments Of The Processing And Boxing Process Of The Automatic Boxing Machine Mode

- Jun 08, 2021-

Briefly describe the failure and treatment of the automatic cartoning machine

During the use of the automatic cartoning machine, the machine cannot work normally due to the wear, deformation, corrosion and even improper operation of the parts. The reason is basically the change in the relative position and working relationship of the automatic cartoning machine parts. , Leading to the failure of the normal operation of each part of the technical state, making the working capacity of the cartoning machine drop or even lose.

Automatic cartoning machine

Common faults generally include difficulty in starting the engine, increased fuel consumption, decreased power, or other abnormal phenomena, such as oil leaks, water leaks, air leaks, abnormal noises, etc. The serious ones will cause the plaster cartoning machine to fail to work, when certain indicators When it exceeds the fault range of the machine operation, it is called a machine fault. If the automatic cartoning machine fails, it is necessary to actively find a solution. The necessary technical measures should be taken to eliminate it in time. Do not overuse the cartoning machine with mechanical failures. This will greatly reduce the service life of the machine. If a vicious circle is formed, It will aggravate the wear of parts and even cause accidental damage.

For example, simple machine failures can be eliminated by correct maintenance and adjustments. For example, the valve clearance is too large or too small, the pressure of the injector is insufficient due to improper adjustment, the bolts and screws are loose, or the pipe is broken. For oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, etc., Shiming's automatic cartoning machine reminds companies to regularly inspect and maintain the machine.

If serious faults cannot be solved by ordinary maintenance methods, such as air valve leakage, oil pump plunger wear, piston ring wear, etc., these parts must be replaced, and only professionals can perform correct maintenance. Bring it back to normal operation.

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