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Common fault analysis and elimination method of automatic cartoning machine

- Jun 15, 2022-

1.The carton cannot be successfully sucked

possible reason

1. The vacuum pipeline or gas distribution plate is blocked or leaked;

2. The suction cup in the suction box mechanism is aging;

3. Improper adjustment of the carton storage rack;

4. The suction cup block of the suction box mechanism is incorrect;

5. The packaging carton is glued together;

6. The angle of the suction cup is not correct.

Method of exclusion

1. Carefully check the gas circuit, gas distribution plate, and troubleshoot;

2. Replace the suction cup;

3. Re-adjust according to the adjustment steps;

4. Adjust the suction cup mechanism;

5. Replace the carton;

6. Reset the working angle of the suction box on the man-machine interface.

2. The suction box is abnormal

possible reason

1. The photoelectric sensor that detects the material level when the medicine plate in the medicine plate silo is lower than the required height is not turned on. According to the logic requirements of the program control, the air valve of the suction box and the suction manual is closed.

2. The suction volume of the suction head of the suction box is insufficient

3. The carton is too hard or deformed

Method of exclusion

1. Supplement the stacking medicine board to make the photoelectric sensor turn on

2. Eliminate blockage and ensure pressure

3. Replace the carton and adjust the stainless steel bracket plate of the pallet for stacking the carton.

3. After the carton is sucked down, it will not form or pop out at the mouth of the box feeding template

possible reason

1. The carton is too hard to open

2. The spring deformation of the small hook at the rear of the box delivery template fails

3. The height of the suction head of the suction box and the box feeding track is not correct

Method of exclusion

1. Readjust the guide rod

2. Adjust the position of the suction head so that the position of the suction head when it drops to the lowest point is slightly lower than the box feeding track

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