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Common problems and solutions of automatic

- Jun 29, 2022-

1. Material box suction problem

   In the process of using the automatic cartoning machine, there may be a situation that the material box is not sucked smoothly. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

(1) First check whether the material box meets the production standard you set. If the size of the material box is too large or too small, the above conditions will be caused. Please replace the material box in time or adjust the specifications of the automatic cartoning machine.

(2) Check whether the suction cup is operating normally during transmission, and whether there is a phenomenon that the suction force is too large or too small. Excessive suction may result in a slower fall, which in turn affects running speed. If the suction is too small, the material box will not be sucked up. You need to check and adjust the suction cup angle in time. If there are good and bad conditions, it is recommended that you contact professional maintenance personnel for troubleshooting.

2. Empty box packaging

  There are also many reasons for empty box packaging in automatic cartoning machines.

(1) First, observe whether the material rod can smoothly push the material into the box. If the material size is too large, the mass may be too large, and the material cannot be pushed beyond the pushing range of the material rod. In this case, it is necessary to replace the material or adjust the cartoning specifications of the automatic cartoning machine. If the material rod still does not move after the above operations, please contact professional maintenance personnel for adjustment and maintenance.

(2) Another important reason for empty material packaging is that the electronic eye cannot detect the packaging box, resulting in the inability of the material rod to run. Please adjust the angle of the electronic eye in time. If there is no effect, please contact professional maintenance personnel, and do not operate any further.

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