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Development Of The Packaging Industry

- Apr 16, 2018-

       With the development of the packaging industry, packaging products as the embodiment of the last part of the value chain, its role more and more obvious, which led to the rapid development of the packaging machine industry, this rapid growth rate greatly increased the demand for packaging machine equipment Cover and let the expanding application areas, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries have become useless, the market demand continues to improve greatly inspire the industry's technological upgrades, new with intelligent, automation technology will monopolize the overall situation, to become the future mainstream packaging market. In the food industry, food security has become a top priority of development, food safety is reflected in the packaging machinery is not confined to simple physical parameter range, with greater emphasis on food colors, materials and other factors, along with the scope of application packaging machinery expand the market for packaging machinery manufacturers continue to introduce new requirements, such as the current food packaging, as well as the product itself can be online monitoring bacterial content of the packaging material, which requires packaging machinery to have high intelligent technology, so in automation product areas, packaging machine automation technology development potential; Motion control technology's role in the packaging machinery is to achieve precise position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly for loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, unstacking and other processes, but also the difference between the high, medium and low-end one of the key factors packaging machinery, packaging machinery in China is the key to upgrading. Automation technology in the packaging machine application, so that the entire packaging process without human operation, labor saving for the enterprise, while its working efficiency has been greatly improved, packaging production work for the enterprise to provide more convenience, the future Jinan Dongtai as a packaging machinery manufacturer will bring more advanced technology applied to production to packaging machine for packaging provides the perfect unique and thoughtful service.

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