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How To Maintain The Cartoning Machine Daily?

- Jun 29, 2019-

High-precision equipment has brought about new problems in production efficiency and product quality. Due to the lack of training for maintenance personnel and operators, or the limitations of the professional technical capabilities of the personnel themselves, small faults of maintenance personnel cannot be solved. Or the operator's misoperation will cause the production to stop production, and even affect the quality of the product, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Therefore, it is very important for the daily maintenance and maintenance of important equipment and key equipment in production. How should we maintain the cartoning machine on a daily basis?

    (1) Mechanical sanitation cleaning, many miscellaneous materials may appear in the production of the product, which may cause mechanical damage and cannot be used in the equipment. Therefore, cleaning the machine after using the product every day can reduce many defects.

    (2) Tightly tighten the screws. During long-term operation of the equipment, the screws may become loose and cause various failures such as control failure. For example, the power distribution cabinet of our company has caused the heat to be caused by the looseness of the terminal block screws, resulting in equipment damage.

    (3) Check if the electromagnetic components such as the contactor are good, and if the contact is not good, noise will be generated.

    (4) Check for odor, excessive temperature of the electrical components will cause the insulation to cause irritations or other odors. The temperature of the component can be detected by a simple infrared thermometer, and the abnormality should be dealt with in time.

    (5) Check the production results of the products. When the equipment is in good condition, the manufactured products will be perfect. Therefore, when there are some problems in the finished product, it may be necessary to check which link causes the product to have problems, and replace it to prevent big problems.

    (6) Daily inspections. Check whether the connecting bolts in the cabinet are loose; whether the safety facilities such as waterproof, moisture proof and warning signs are intact.

    Everyday should be carefully followed by the teacher's instructions, which can reduce most problems. For example, Shanghai Shenhu Machinery will provide technical guidance to customers when they purchase products, so that operators can greatly reduce the problem. The equipment is used every day, so daily care needs to be taken to make the equipment work better for a longer period of time.

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