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How to Troubleshoot the HTH-120T Fully Automatic Food Cartoning Machine

- May 31, 2022-

1. Change of material specification thickness

The HTH-120T automatic food cartoning machine has a rated setting range for different types of materials. It is not allowed to use material specifications that exceed the rated range of the machine. Otherwise, there will be material overflow, incomplete boxing, and damage to the machinery. After each material specification is set, the HTH-120T automatic food cartoning machine will adjust the material to a most suitable operating environment. In addition, the weight of the material will affect the size of the material, so you can not only focus on the volume of the material, the weight is also an indispensable element. Pay attention to ensure that the material is evenly distributed during the material transmission process, and there should not be too much or too little material to damage the machine. If you want to change the specifications of the material and operate it, please contact the relevant deployment personnel to modify the machinery.

2. Products in the cavity cannot enter

This may be caused by damaged internal parts or aging parts of HTH-120T automatic food cartoning machine. You need to do a more detailed inspection of the HTH-120T automatic food cartoning machine, and check whether the parts are loose and whether there are parts that need to be replaced. If the above situation occurs, you need to contact the relevant personnel to solve the problem as soon as possible. You should also adjust the speed of the steering wheel from the control panel.

3. Improper sealing

The main reason for this problem is the lack of heating and pressure. You need to analyze the fixed heating system and pneumatic system of the HTH-120T automatic food cartoning machine to see if it is caused by the sealing ring falling from the PVC. Improper sealing of automatic food cartoners. If the sealing ring does not fall off, you need to adjust the heating mechanism and the control pneumatic system from the control panel.

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