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Successfully Test Machine For USA Customer

- Aug 22, 2018-

Dear ALL,

      A client from USA sent special packing material to us for machine testing.


     Packing material: 70D ripstop nylon with 0.06mm TPU fabric and thickness is 0.18mm


     4-1.jpg 5-1.jpg


     His packing requirements: pack air with seal well. (So after packed, need a adult stand on the airbag, should be still seal well, not leaking) 


     Test is very successfully! Testing video link in youtube: https://youtu.be/MLCD417_4AY   (pack special material in machine, and a adult stand on the airbag to test well)


     If you want to pack special material, please contact with us, we can test, can customize any design meet your packing requirements!

Welcome to visit us or send inquiry to us: honetop@honetop.com, online service: +86-1350-6565432, thanks.

Honetop Team


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