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The Basic Definition Of Packing Vacuum Machine

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Packaging vacuum machine can automatically pull out the air inside the bag, to achieve the predetermined vacuum after the completion of the sealing process. can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gases, and then complete the sealing process. Packaging vacuum machine is often used in the food industry, because after the vacuum packaging, food can resist oxidation, so as to achieve long-term preservation purposes. In addition to inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, the other important function of vacuum oxygen removal is to prevent food oxidation, because the oil food contains a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, by the role of oxygen oxidation, so that food stale, spoilage, in addition, oxidation also makes vitamin A and C loss, food pigments in the unstable substances in the role of oxygen, so that the color dimming. Therefore, the removal of oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage.

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