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The Common Trouble Handling In The Process Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Jun 19, 2017-

In the process of using vacuum packaging machine, the main problems encountered are as follows:

1. Low degree of vacuum. Pump oil pollution, too little or too dilute cleaning vacuum pump, replace the new vacuum pump oil, the pumping time is too short to prolong the pumping time, the suction filter is blocked to clean or replace the exhaust filter; there is a leak, after the time to turn off the power, check the solenoid valve, pipe joints, vacuum pump suction valve and the work room around the gasket has no leakage.

2. Loud noise. Vacuum pump coupling wear or rupture replacement; exhaust filter plugging or installation position is not correct, cleaning or replacement of the exhaust filter and installed correctly; There is a leak to check whether the solenoid valve leakage and eliminate.

3. Vacuum pump fuel injection. Suction valve O-ring peeling off the pump nozzle vacuum tube, remove the suction nozzle, take out the pressure spring and suction valve, gently stretch o-ring several times, and then insert it into the groove, and then install it;

4. Vacuum pump Oil leakage. Return valve plug to remove the valve, cleaning (see instructions), oil window loosen oil, remove oil window, wrapped in raw materials with or thin plastic film.

5. The vacuum pump lampblack is big. Suction filter plugging or pollution cleaning or replacement of exhaust filters; Pump Oil pollution replacement of new oil; back valve plug cleaning back valve

6. Do not heat. The heating strip is burnt and the heating time relay is burnt out (the two lights are illuminated at the same time, Omron light color is yellow), replace the time relay, add hot line, and install firmly; control Heating temperature band switch contact bad, repair or replace; The AC contactor which controls the heating is not reset (using airflow to blow away foreign body) or replace; heating transformer bad replacement

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