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The Operation Procedure Of Vacuum Packing Machine

- Jun 19, 2017-

1. Power supply: Toggle the power supply selector switch as needed, that is, the power supply indicator light is on

2. Place the plastic bag containing the items in the vacuum chamber. The bag mouth is neatly placed on the hot seal (for example, an inflatable package should have at least one nozzle inserted into the pocket mouth).

3. Press the lid, the panel on the suction (vacuum) light. The vacuum pump begins to exhaust, the machine cover is automatically absorbed, the vacuum knob can be adjusted according to the packaging requirements of the vacuum degree, adjustment, depending on the scale from low to high, the range is small.

4. When the suction reaches the set time (that is, the required vacuum degree), the suction ends, the suction indicator is off, the inflatable indicator light is on, to show the inflatable start. Inflatable knob can adjust the length of time (that is, the amount of gas), the method ibid. If you do not need to inflate. The power switch to the vacuum position, the program automatically into the vacuum packaging, inflatable led off.

5. When the gas is pumped or inflated, led with the quenching, heat seal indicator light, that is, enter the sealing process, the panel is equipped with heat sealing time and temperature adjustment knob to adapt to different thickness materials, adjust the time and temperature, the rotation range to be small, to prevent sudden increase in heat sealing temperature, burn hot seal accessories.

6. When the heat seal time is reached, the heat seal indicator is extinguished to the end of the heat seal, that is, the vacuum chamber enters the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the cover is automatically lifted and the vacuum filling process is finished and ready for the next packing cycle.

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