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What factors affect the effect of the automatic cartoning machine?

- Jun 18, 2022-

1.The structure of the carton

From a structural point of view, the machine package box can be divided into two types according to the position of the box cover: the same insertion type and the reverse insertion type. Different box types require different action directions for closing the lid, and the corresponding structure of the automatic cartoning machine is of course different. The structure of the carton has a great relationship with the production level of the die-cutting plate. The accuracy of the size of the die-cutting plate, the type of knife line, and the effect of the knife will lead to differences in the structure of the carton, which will affect the effect of the automatic cartoning machine to some extent. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable cartoning machine seller. important. The cartoning machine sold by our honetop company can be equipped with a variety of carton models, which can flexibly adjust the carton range.

2. Stiffness of the carton

The stiffness of the carton mainly affects the effect of the box shape opened when the automatic cartoning machine is on the machine, such as whether the shape is square or not. Improper molding will affect the forward movement and filling of the carton, resulting in jamming.

The stiffness of the carton is mainly derived from the stiffness of the paper and the process of its surface treatment. The products that have been treated with water and oil will generally reduce the stiffness of the carton; the stiffness of the products with lamination and full-page UV will be higher than the original ones; the stiffness of the products that have been polished with oil is also better, but the paper is brittle. Fibers break easily.

In addition, the moisture-proof storage of the carton is also very important. Paper is easy to absorb moisture in the air, and its moisture content increases in the same direction with the humidity of the air and the exposure time. The moisture content of the paper is one of the main factors affecting the stiffness of the paper, so the paper needs to be protected from moisture.

3. Opening performance of the carton

What is the opening performance of the carton? That is, how easy it is to use the relevant mechanism to form the carton on the automatic cartoning machine.

Different devices have different actions to open the box. Some devices have an auxiliary box-opening mechanism that can pre-fold the carton, so as to reduce the mechanical force required to open the box and avoid excessive extrusion to deform the box. If the machine does not have such a mechanism, a pre-folding process is required when producing the carton. Our Honetop company has a variety of models of machinery for you to choose from.

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