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What safety operation rules should be followed by the automatic cartoning machine

- Aug 15, 2022-

1. The staff who operate the equipment must undergo professional training and be skilled in operating the equipment before they can operate the equipment.

2. Before preparing to start the device, you should check whether the device is ready.

3. Before starting the machine, you need to test the machine first to observe whether the machine is normal and whether there is a certain position that is loose and unstable.

4. Before using the automatic cartoning machine, carefully check the operation manual to understand the operation process of the equipment.

5. When the equipment is running, it is necessary to operate according to the equipment manual, place the carton, check whether the carton is pasted, and whether it is placed neatly, so as to prevent the normal operation of the equipment from being affected.

6. The operating staff of the equipment should pay more attention to the feeding and control of the equipment, and also need to check the integrity of the operation of the equipment from time to time. If there is an abnormality, it should be stopped in time to check. During the operation of the equipment, there must be staff nearby. After the operation is completed, remember to turn off the power and clean the equipment.

The above are the safety issues that should be paid attention to when applying the automatic cartoning machine. We often say that "safety is the main factor". Only safe production can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise.

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