CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine
  • CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine
  • CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine
  • CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine
  • CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine
  • CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine

CE Approved Paper Straw Making Machine

a. Capacity: 12,000pcs/hr (paper straw standard length * diameter: 197mm * 6mm) b. Working time: 8 hours, capacity is 96,000pcs c. Nos of Technican: 1 person.

Product Details

Paper Straw Making Machine China Supplier HT-60

This is our New model HT-60, And We will keep same price.

We have huge useful information will share you.Welcome to inquire for this new machine.

Speed and capacity for reference:

Paper Straw Making Machine

1- Production: about 12,000 pcs/hr (paper straw standard length * diameter: 6 *197mm).

2- As working time 8 hours, capacity is about 96,000pcs.

2- Blades: 6groups

3- A skilled worker can operation 2-3 sets

4. For D*L (paper straw 6mm*197mm) 1 ton glue (white latex) can produce about 7 millions paper straws, 1 ton paper can produce about 830 thousands straws.




Inner Diameter


Paper Roll

2-3 Plies



Cutting Length


Hub Wheel

Two Head

Moving Finished Paper Straw


Add Lubricating Oil

Automatic supply

Way Of Fixing

Shaft Clamp

Production speed

10-55m/Min(20-30 degree summer 20-55m/min , 0-10 degree Winter 10-35m/min )

Way Of Cutting

58*38*1.5mm Circular Cutting Blade

Way Of Gluing

Single / Double Side


6 Groups

Paper Reel Stand

6 Plies Paper Reel Stand

Glue System

2 plies independent glue tank

Main Motor




Servo Motor


Pneumatic Component

Taiwan, Airtac

low-voltage apparatus


Linear Guide System



1 Persons

Main Part Dimension


Overall Dimension




Machine Functions:

1. Adopted man-machine control interface, touch screen parameters setting, easy operating.
2. Controlled by encoder, driven by servomotor.
3. Automatic and high efficiency. 150-225 pcs straws /min.
4. Winding by belt and tension device adjusted by handle wheel.
5. Select and use famous brand suppliers for motor and electrical equipment.
6. Thermal/heat treatment frame to remove internal stressfor longer service life.

Cutting Unit: 1 SET

58*38*1.5mm Circular Cutting Blade

(6 blades, increase the capacity 20% up)

Cutting moving motor: 1KW Servo motor with synchronism tracking


Paper Reel Stand Unit: 1 SET

Unwinding speed: 3-60m/min

Paper reel model: Integral reel stand


Stainless Steel Glue Unit: 1 SET (carbon steel for choice)

Gluing way: Single / double sides

With polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife


Forming Unit: 1 SET

Winding head: 2 heads single belt.


Straws Collector Unit: 1 SET (Automatic)

图片1RTRER GAI2.jpg

The cost of making each paper straw: $0.002352

l Each straw : 1.2g (standard straw size: diameter 6 mm, length 197 mm)

l So 1000 pieces straw weight 1.2kgs.

l 1.2 kgs. straw made of: 1/10 glue, cost 1.6$ per kg (food grade glue cost: 1600$/ton)

l 9/10*(2/3) 120 gsm paper, 1.70 $ per kg (food grade middle paper & inside paper cost: 1700$/ton)

l 9/10*(1/3) 60 gsm paper, 2.6 $ per kg, (food grade surface paper cost: 2600$/ton)

l So 1.2 kgs straw cost =1.2*[1/10*1.6+9/10*(2/3)*1.7+ 9/10*(1/3)*2.6]=$2.352

Pls note:

1. The above price for all raw material (paper roll, glue) with FDA certificate with high grade food standard

2. The above price for paper roll is already printed & slitted, not jumbo rolls.

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