Packing Machine For Bulk Paper Straws

Packing Machine For Bulk Paper Straws

bulk drinking paper straw packing machine This Machine is special design to pack flexible straw, also the same machine is able to pack straight straw . Automatic counting system is free set straw quanity per pack, for example 10- 100 pcs, customization made 200 pcs of straw per pack. Product...

Product Details

bulk drinking paper straw packing machine


Product Application

This paper straw packing machine is Pillow type, three side sealing, could be packed disposable / plastic or paper straw, group bag..... specialized for paper straw packing, airline, hotel, restaurant, fast food.

Main Features

1. Touch screen, convenient adjustment

2. PLC controller, accurate calculation

3. Photoelectric detection, great precision

4. The length is automatic detected and set, without manual

5. Unlimited speed, the scope of speed and length are very wide range

6. Trilateral closure H(pillow sealing)

7. Automatic counting, feeding and packing.

8. Calculated by counting wheel, more accurate

9. Counting wheel can be replace

10. Straws counting and packaging is the two independent parts, can be operated alone.

Product Description

Max. film width


Packing speed


Film thickness


Bag length


Bag width


Straw quantity


Power supply

220V, 50Hz,1 Phase, 2.5KW

Machine size (LxWxH)


Machine weight


1.The machine controlled by PLC, hence steady in performance and easy to operate.
2.Touch screen Interface, set and save the parameter easy and quick.
3.Main motor equipped with high quality dual frequency inverter.
4.High accuracy photoelectric tracking system with automatic compensation.
5.The conveying chain can be adjusted without stopping machine.
6.The machine can be equipped with nitrogen filling device and date printer.



Sample effect picture


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