Paper Tube Making Machine
  • Paper Tube Making Machine
  • Paper Tube Making Machine
  • Paper Tube Making Machine
  • Paper Tube Making Machine
  • Paper Tube Making Machine

Paper Tube Making Machine

a. Capacity: 12,000pcs/hr (paper straw standard length * diameter: 197mm * 6mm) b. Working time: 8 hours, capacity is 96,000pcs c. Nos of Technican: 1 person.

Product Details

Paper Straw Making Machine China Supplier HT-60

This is our New model HT-60, And We will keep same price.

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Speed and capacity for reference:

Paper Straw Making Machine

1- Production: about 12,000 pcs/hr (paper straw standard length * diameter: 6 *197mm).

2- As working time 8 hours, capacity is about 96,000pcs.

2- Blades: 6groups

3- A skilled worker can operation 2-3 sets

4. For D*L (paper straw 6mm*197mm) 1 ton glue (white latex) can produce about 7 millions paper straws, 1 ton paper can produce about 830 thousands straws.




Inner Diameter


Paper Roll

2-3 Plies



Cutting Length


Hub Wheel

Two Head

Moving Finished Paper Straw


Add Lubricating Oil

Automatic supply

Way Of Fixing

Shaft Clamp

Production speed

10-55m/Min(20-30 degree summer 20-55m/min , 0-10 degree Winter 10-35m/min )

Way Of Cutting

58*38*1.5mm Circular Cutting Blade

Way Of Gluing

Single / Double Side


6 Groups

Paper Reel Stand

6 Plies Paper Reel Stand

Glue System

2 plies independent glue tank

Main Motor




Servo Motor


Pneumatic Component

Taiwan, Airtac

low-voltage apparatus


Linear Guide System



1 Persons

Main Part Dimension


Overall Dimension




Product Application


Suitable for the production of small diameter (5-12 mm) paper tubes, such as paper, pen tubes, straws

1. CNC servo cutting device, high precision cutting;

2. Automatic cutting, automatic drop tube, automatic shifting and reduction;

3. Computer PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation; easy to operate;

4. Round knife cutting, the cut is smoother and the performance is more stable;

5. Stainless steel plastic box with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife for durability;

6. Multi-line cutting blade, no need for secondary cutting, servo motor drive cutting unit, precise cutting, saving manpower and time.


1. Save time= Paper straws do not need to be dried, pack and send out immediately, 2 years without mouldy.

2. Save space= The machine worktable was shortened from 10 meters to 6 meters.

3. Paper straw boiled at high temperature without degumming.

4. No glue paper straw without odor.

5. For the same grams of paper, the hardness of finished paper tube is increased by 50%.

6. The loss rate of the product is greatly reduced, and there will be no paper jam during machine start.

7. The machine has the function of sterilization and disinfection.

Cutting Unit: 1 SET

58*38*1.5mm Circular Cutting Blade

(6 blades, increase the capacity 20% up)

Cutting moving motor: 1KW Servo motor with synchronism tracking


Paper Reel Stand Unit: 1 SET

Unwinding speed: 3-60m/min

Paper reel model: Integral reel stand


Stainless Steel Glue Unit: 1 SET (carbon steel for choice)

Gluing way: Single / double sides

With polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife


Forming Unit: 1 SET

Winding head: 2 heads single belt.


Straws Collector Unit: 1 SET (Automatic)

图片1RTRER GAI2.jpg

The cost of making each paper straw: $0.002352

l Each straw : 1.2g (standard straw size: diameter 6 mm, length 197 mm)

l So 1000 pieces straw weight 1.2kgs.

l 1.2 kgs. straw made of: 1/10 glue, cost 1.6$ per kg (food grade glue cost: 1600$/ton)

l 9/10*(2/3) 120 gsm paper, 1.70 $ per kg (food grade middle paper & inside paper cost: 1700$/ton)

l 9/10*(1/3) 60 gsm paper, 2.6 $ per kg, (food grade surface paper cost: 2600$/ton)

l So 1.2 kgs straw cost =1.2*[1/10*1.6+9/10*(2/3)*1.7+ 9/10*(1/3)*2.6]=$2.352

Pls note:

1. The above price for all raw material (paper roll, glue) with FDA certificate with high grade food standard

2. The above price for paper roll is already printed & slitted, not jumbo rolls.

Any problem contact me-Whatsapp -0086-13989795450

Clancy Chen

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