Price For Drinking Paper Straw Machine

Disposable Drinking Paper Straw Making Machine

Product Details

High Speed Different Size Multicolor Disposable Drinking Paper Straw Making Machine


  • High speed paper straw machine integrates raw material feeding ,guling,winding and cutting on one time.

  • Multi-tool cutting system, can make any size paper straw, like the size 6mm,8mm,10mm,etc.

  • Equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation .

  • The man-machine interface is a touch screen, with simple setting ad convenient operation.

  • Multi-tool cutting system.

  • Servo motor keeps track of cutting with a high precision and time-saving efficiency.

Main Technical Data:

Product NamePaper Straw Machine
Paper Layer3 Layer
Straw Inner Size4.7-12mm
Straw Wall Thickness0.5-2mm
Gumming WaySingle And Double Side
Operation Person1-2 Person
NoteTouch Screen,Simple Setting,Convenient Operation.




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