Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machinery
  • Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machinery
  • Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machinery
  • Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machinery
  • Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machinery

Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machinery

Basic Info Model NO.: HT-8ZK Application: Cleaning, Detergent, Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Dairy Products, Hair Care Products, Tea, Vegetable, Fruit, Fish, Meat, Snack, Rice, Flour, Seasoning, Salt,Sugar,Nuts,Rice,Beans,Granule Forming Species: Bag Moulding Driven Type: Mechanical Packaging:...

Product Details


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This food vacuum packing machine is popular use in food industry, agricultural products, such as, rice, sausage, cooked food, fruits and vegetables, fishery products, all kinds of meat with sauce, pickles, mushroom, radish, seaweed, spicy fish etc.

Main Technical Parameter:



Bags Specifications

W:70-160mm L:100-240mm

Bag Types

Stand-Up Pouches,Handbags,Zipper Bags,4-Side Sealing Bags,3-Side Sealing Bags,Paper Bags,Compound Bags,etc.

Filling Range


Packing Speed




Host Power

4kw (Not Including Vacuum)

Drive Power

3-Phase 5-Wire System 380V 50HZ



Air Consumption


Cooling Water

Cooling Water:15°C-20°C,3Liters/min

Features And Characteristics

1.Automatic rotary vacuum packaging machine for bags separated by two rotary body composition(filling and vacuum systems).

2.Easy to operate: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and easy to operate.

3.Easy to adjust: fully automated. Just part of the required input parameters from the man-machine interface, all parts of the packaging machine can be adjusted to the desired command.

4.The high degree of automation: achieve automation vacuum requirements. Weighing and packaging process can proceed without men. Automatic alarm if any malfunction occurs.

5.Perfect prevention systems, may only detect whether it opens the bag, and opening bag is complete, in the case of inappropriate feeding does not feed heat sealing. No wasting bags and material, it costs savings.

6.The device complies with hygienic standards of food processing machinery, equipment and material contact parts made of 304 stainless steel or other materials with food hygienic requirements processing, and ensure food hygiene and safety, in line with GMP standards.

7.The use of prefabricated bags, high sealing quality, improve product quality.

8.Suitable packaging materials range: Matching multiple metering which packs fish aberdeen, pickles, roasted nuts, spicy puffed, liquids and other materials.

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(Rotary Filling Sealing Packing Machine with 8 working stations + Vacuum Machine with 10 working stations)


(Rotary Filling Sealing Packing Machine with 8 working stations)


(Vacuum Machine with 10 working stations)



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