Automatic Detergent Liquid Packaging Machine(rotary Machine +liquid Piston Filler)

Automatic Detergent Liquid Packaging Machine(rotary Machine +liquid Piston Filler)

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Product Details


All kinds of liquid and thickliquid (sauce), such as fruit juice, seasoning sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, hand sanitizer, liquid detergent and so on.


Bag types

Standup bag, portable bag, Zipper bag, 4-side sealing bag, 3

side sealing bag, paper bag, M type bag etc, and all kinds of compound bags.

Technical parameters

Equipment model


Equipment material

304 stainless steel

Pneumatic component


Vacuum component

Vacuum generator (SMC)

Drive mode

Frequency conversion motor drive

Measuring type

Liquid filler, peristaltic pump, draw-off pimp

Operation interface

Touch screen(double language:Chinese and English)

Bag materials

Heat sealable film as PA/PE,PET/PE,AL film etc.

Filling range


Packing speed

20~45bags/min (depended on the product and filling weight)

Package accuracy






Total power


Driving power source

380V Three-phase Five-line 50HZ

Control power source


Compress air requirement

≥0.45m³/min (compress air is provided by user)


Features and Characteristics:

1. The Liquid, paste packaging system consists of a rotary packing machine and a liquid or paste filling machine
2. A perfect quality ensures a speedy and stable production
3. High quality accessories make machines durable and stable
4. Waterproof system makes cleaning easier. Color touch screen display, easy to operate
5. The machine and the other devices make up a packaging system
6. Provide an innovative and practical solution at reasonable costs
7. A low material waste. The machine adopts premade perfect-pattern pouch, with high-quality sealing


Standard Equipment Part:

1. Date printer 6. Magnetic valve
2. PLC control system 7. Temperature controller
3. Pouch opening devices8. Vacuum pump
4. Vibrator device9. Frequency convertor
5. Cylinder 10. Output system

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