Bag Juice Filling and Sealing Machine in China

Basic Info Model NO.: HT-8Y Automatic Grade: Fully Automatic Filling Valve Head: Single-Head Dosing Device: Plunger Packaging Container Lifting Structure: Pneumatic Lifting Packaging: Bag Type Machine: Rotary Type Working Station: 6/8 Pouch Size Range: Width:80-200mm,Length:80-350mm Capacity:...

Product Details

Product Application for Bag Filling and Sealing Machine for liquid

This machine is suitable for filling and sealing for the liquid and semi-liquid product such as washing liquid, yellow wine, sauce, vinegar, juice, beverage, ketchup, chilly sauce, etc. The machine can customized to pack powder, grain, piece.






Technical Parameters of Liquid and Paste Packing Machine:



HT-8Y doypack pouch packing machine

Working Position

 Eight-working position

Pouch material

 Laminated film

Pouch pattern

 Stand-up Pouch, Pouch

Pouch size

 W:100-210mm L:100-350mm

Filling scope

 Liquid or paste

100-1500ml (can be adjusted)

Weight Accuracy

 Liquid or paste

with an error≤±1%


20-50 pouches/min

(The speed depends on the product status and filling weight)

Power source

380V 3phase 50HZ

Total power

5 KW

Compress air


Main Features for stand up pouch packing machine for liquid

1. Adopt PLC and touch screen  from Germany Siemens control the whole packing machine. 

2. Adjust different bag width size by PLC, it takes 2-5 mins. 


3. Horizontal conveyer style to giving bag: It can put on more bags on the bag storage and have a low requirement about the quality of bags.


4. Automatic detection function, such as not open bags or bags are not complete, no charging no heat sealing, bag can use again, do not waste materials, for the user to save the production cost.

5.Part adopts imported engineering plastic bearing, without refueling, reduce the pollution of material.

6.Oil-free vacuum pump is adopted to avoid pollution of production environment.




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