Bag Packaging Machine for Juice High Quality

Basic Info Model NO.: HT-8Y Forming Species: Bag Moulding Driven Type: Mechanical Packaging: Bags Type Machine: Rotary Type with 8 Working Station for 60bags/Min Bag Size Range: Width 70-220mm, Length 80-350mm Main Pneumatic Components: SMC Solenoids & Cylinders Cam Design: Internal Grooved...

Product Details

Product Description 

Suits to pack honey, liquid degergent, milk, vegetable juice, fruit juice, tomato suace, soy sauce, water etc. ds.jpg

Pouches types: flat pouch, stand up pouch, zipper pouches, spout pouches, paper pouches, retort pouches. HTB1mzgoJFXXXXcDaXXXq6xXFXXX8.jpg

HTB1qW0WbDtYBeNjy1Xdq6xXyVXav (1).jpgPremade-Doypack-Rotary-Packing-Machine-for-Liquid.jpg

Pouch material

Laminated film\PE\PP etc.

Pouch pattern

Stand-up pouches, spout pouches, flat pouches, zipper pouches, 

Pouch size

W: 80-220mm L:80-350mm

Filling range

10-1000ml (to be customized 3000ml)

Weigher accuracy



≤50pouches/min(The speed depends on the product status and filling weight))


380V  3phase  50HZ/60HZ

Compress air

0.6m3/min(supply by user)

Function for 
1. Easily operated, PLC system control, with touch screen. Frequency conversion
Adjust the speed. It can be adjusted within the range for the needs of the
Reality in production.
2. Automaitc Checking: No pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal, no waste
Of the pouches.
3. Safty device: Machine stop at abnomal air pressure, heater disconnection
4. The width of the bags can be adjusted by electrical motor.
5. One button adjust the width of clipper, easy operation and save time. The part
Touching teh product and packing bags is full of stainless steel, accord with the
Food hygienic requirements, guranteehygiene and security of food.


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