Cassava Flour Packing Machine
  • Cassava Flour Packing Machine
  • Cassava Flour Packing Machine
  • Cassava Flour Packing Machine

Cassava Flour Packing Machine

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Product Details

Description of Rotary Powder Packing Machine:

This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of powder materials, such as mikl powder, coffee powder, spices, pesticide, additive etc.

Automatic Powder Packaging Machine Ht-8f/H

Main Functions:

1. Reduce production cost and management cost. One packing lime reduce 4-10

2. workers,input cost will be in return within 1-2 years

3. Upgrade products quality: the appearance and packing quality can meet unified standard.

4. Reduce defective rate, finished products ratio can reach to more than 99.5%, this can

avoid the waste of manual packing.

5. Improve Hygienic standard: No direct contacting with persons, avoid man-made pollution.

Poduct NamePowder Packing Machine Unit
Working Position Eight-Working Position
Pouch Material Lamiated Film,PE,PP
Pouch PatternStand-Up Pouch/Flat Pouch/Stand up with Spout(3-Sealing,4-Sealing,With Hand Pouch,Back Sealing Etc.)
Pouch Size

L:100-350mm W:100-210mm(Can Chose Other Size)

Voltage380V 3phase 50/60HZ
Compress Air0.6m3/min (Supply By User)

Main Features:

1. Wide packing scope: Suitable for packing materials in various shapes, forms and characters.

2. Convenient operation: Controlled by PLC, HIM operating system make it works conveniently.

3. Convenient adjusting: Materials change can be finished within 10 minutes.

4. Suitable for packing different kinds of bags.

5. Completely prevention system to guarantee finished products ratio, no waste of bag and materials.

6. Package part of machine is made of stainless material to ensure materials’ sanitation and safety.

7. High automatic grade: Unman-made weighing and packing process, automatically alarm when break down


8. Some parts use imported engineer plastic, no need adding oil , this can reduce materials pollution.

9. Use vacuum pump without oil to avoid production environment pollution.



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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine Ht-8f/H

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