Automatic Filling and Packing Machine

Automatic Filling and Packing Machine

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Rotary packing machine is developed for premade pouch, stand-up pouch with or without zipper. It is suitable for packing product of powder, irregular shape, thick liquid and liquid, such as gourmet powder, chicken powder, seasoning powder, candy, fruits, nut, pet food, roasted seeds, puffed food, frozen food, small hardware and hand sanitizer.

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Suits for all kinds of preformed bags / pouches

Flat pouch, Stand up pouch, Stand up pouch with zipper etc.


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 * Main function

1. Automatically check bag open status, it will not fill and seal when bag is not opened fully. It avoids the wasting of bag and raw material and save cost.

2. Machine working speed can be adjusted continuously with frequency converter

3. PLC from SIEMENS is adopted, the control system is easy to operated with friendly HMI interface

4. Machine will alarm when the air pressure is abnormal and stop working with overload protect and safety device

5. Machine can work with dual-fill, filling with two types of material, such as solid and liquid, liquid and liquid.

6. Machine can work with bag that width range from 100-200mm, by adjusting the width of clips.

7. Adopting advanced bearing, where no need to add oil and less pollution for product.

8. All the product and bag contact parts are made with stainless steel or the material according with the food hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the food.

9. Rotary packing machine can work with different filler to pack solid, powder and liquid.

10. With premade bag, the pattern and sealing on the bag is perfect. The finished product looks advanced.

11. Machine can work with complex film, PE, PP material premade bag and paper bag.

*Parts of Weighing&Packing System(Full System)

Z Type Bucket Elevator--- --------------------------for conveying material( Not for Powder)

Multihead Weigher( 10head, 14head, 20head...) ---------------for weighing(not powder)

Screw Conveor & Auger Filler----------------------This is for Powder material Conveying

Working Platform 304 stainless steel-------------------------------for supporting equipment

Finished Product Conveyor-------------for conveying and collecting of finished product.



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