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This line mainly installs rotary packing machine, combination weigher and Z-Conveyor, suitable for packing all kinds of grains and solids, such as candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits and so on.

给袋式固体物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg

立式颗粒物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg

Suits for all kinds of preformed bags / pouches

All kinds of compound bags, such as stand up bag, portable bag, zipper bag, 4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag, paper bag etc…


(The packing bag suits in extensive range, suit for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE , PP and so on Preformed bag made by film and paper.)


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Main Technical Parameter 



Bag size

Width:800-200mm  Length:80-300mm


10-1500g (Depending on type of products)

Package Accuracy

25-45 bags/min (The speed depends on type of products)

20-35 bags/min (For zipper bag)


2460*1830*1460mm (L*W*H)

Total Power

3.5KW (220v/380v,3PH,50HZ)



Compress Air Requirement

≥0.8m³/min supply by user

Main Features: 

     1. Chinese & English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.

        2. PLC computer control system, the operation is more stable, no need stop and adjust any


        3. It can store 10 group parameters, the replacement of varieties more accurate.

        4. Adopt double servo motor control system, the tension membrane more accurate, faster, more

            accurate measurement.

        5. Independent temperature control system, the precision can be up to + / - 1 degrees.

        6. Transverse and longitudinal sealing temperature control independently, suitable for all kinds of

            composite film, PE film packaging materials, etc.

        7. Packaging style diversified, back sealing, Gusset Bag, continuous bags, punching, etc.

            Production of bag making, sealing, packing, date printing one time.

        8. Work environment quiet, low noise, saving energy.

        9. Measuring system is Multihead combination weigher,higher precision,suitable for

            Snacks,potato chips,cookies and also small granule,for example:sugar,rice,beans,coffee



Z type Elevator with Bucket


Work Platform (SS304 or carbon steel for choice) 799048214_068.jpg

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