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Product Details

Product Details


HT-8G/H series Rotary Weighing & Packaging Line for Solid (or Grain) rotary packing machine composited by rotary packing machine, combination weigher and Z- shaped Conveyor, which is suitable for packing all kinds of grains and solids, such as candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits and so on..

立式颗粒物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg



Suits for all kinds of preformed bags / pouches

Flat pouch, Stand up pouch, Stand up pouch with zipper etc.


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 Main Features

Servo filling and servo capping with digital handling are convenient for adjustment and operation. PLC software joint control with human machine interface HMI make machine higher automatic intelligence. Independent filling control of no pouch without filling, and there is refluence pump to prevent leakage and eliminate the bubble. The air filter dust cover equipped in this machine applied to aseptic filling of fresh milk and yoghurt. The feed bucket is made of stainless steel tube, and auto CIP cycle washing insides. The electric components are adopted the brand from Germany and Japan.

*Parts of Weighing&Packing System(Full System)

Z Type Bucket Elevator--- --------------------------for conveying material( Not for Powder)

Multihead Weigher( 10head, 14head, 20head...) ---------------for weighing(not powder)

Screw Conveor & Auger Filler----------------------This is for Powder material Conveying

Working Platform 304 stainless steel-------------------------------for supporting equipment

Finished Product Conveyor-------------for conveying and collecting of finished product.



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