High Quality Rotary Filling And Sealing Machine For Premade Pouches Solid

High Quality Rotary Filling And Sealing Machine For Premade Pouches Solid

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Product Details

Application: WT6/8-200/300-S Rotary Weighing & Packaging Line for Solid (or Grain) rotary packing machine composited by rotary packing machine, combination weigher and Z- shaped Conveyor, which is suitable for packing all kinds of grains and solids, such as candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits and so on.

给袋式固体物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg

Sample of bag: Suits for Flat pouch(3-sealing, 4-sealing, pillow), Stand up pouch, Stand up pouch with zipper

Joygoal Granular packing machine unit for fried potato chips, Snacks pouch packaging machines

Main technical parameters

Working position

Eight-working position

Pouch material

Laminated film

Pouch pattern

Stand-up, falt

Pouch size

W:200-300mm L:200-450mm

Filling Scope


Weight Accuracy



10-35pouches/min(The speed depends on the product status and flling weight)10-35 Bag /Min


380V 3phase 50HZ/60HZ

Total power


Compress air

0.6m3/min(supply by user)

Main Advantages:

  1. To reduce production cost and administration cost. One packing line can deduct 4-10 workers. Investment cost can return with 1-2 years.

  2. Product quality is improved. The products achieve uniform standard from its appearance or packaging quality.

  3. To reduce the defect rate. Qualified product rate reaches 99.5% to avoid artificial packaging waste.

  4. To improve health standard. The packaging process without direct contact with people to avoid man-made pollution.

  5. The use of combination weigher to get accurate measurement, to avoid too much more raw, to save raw material and cost.


Main Performance and Features:

  1. A wide range of materials can be packed. E.g.: kinds of shapes, state, or natures of particles and lumps.

  2. Easy to operate. It adopts PLC control, human-machine interface operating system, to make the operation easy and intuitive.

  3. Convenient to adjust. The replacement of species can be completed within 10 minutes.

  4. Suitable for different types of bags or pouch.

  5. A sound prevention system to protect qualified product rate, to avoid waste of bags or materials.

  6. The pack machine parts made of stainless steel, to ensure the health and safety of materials and products.

  7. High degree of automation. The whole process of weighing and packaging is unmanned operation. Automatic alarm system is adopted too.

  8. Some imported engineering plastics without refueling, to reduce the pollution of materials.

  9. Oil-free vacuum pump is adopted to avoid contamination of the production environment.

Machine Parts





Total power:2.5KW(220V/380V,3PH,50HZ)

Pouch Type:All type of heat sealable preformed side seal bags,block bottom bags,zip-lock recloseable bags,stand-up pouch with or withoutspout etc.


Main Features

Name:10-head computer weigher
Size of machine body(mm):1150(L)X950(W)X1129(H)

Weighing Range:10-1000g

Hopper capacity:1300ml

Average tolerance for single bag:0.2-0.5g
Preset number for product: 99 kinds

Hopper type:Bi-row hopper without memory

Driving:Step motor

Maximum weighing quality:3000g

Maximum weighing speed:70 bags /minute

Range of weighing precision:0.1-1.5g

Machine Parts

Name: Z type conveyor
Highness of lifting:3m -10m

Speed of lifting:0-17m/minute
lifting quantity:5.5cubic meter/hour


Conveying ability:3-6m3/h

Remark:Specification customized; material: carbon steel plastic-spray or stainless steel; the part contacting with food is food grade plastic.


Main Features

conveying ability:29cm/second
gross weight:150Kg


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