CE Certification Vertical Packing Machine for All Kinds Seeds

Main Technical Parameter Model NO.: HTL-420A Application: Popcorn, tea, chocolate, biscuits, peanuts, rice, lima beans, deciccant, washing powder, pistachio, seeds, coffee beans etc granule material. Forming type: Bag Forming Working Type: Electrical Packing type: Film rolls Machine type:...

Product Details

Usage for sugar salt bean nut vertical packing machine:

This machine is mainly used for packing granule products: such as sugar, salt, coffee beans, rice, beans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, grains, cereals, nuts, chocolate beans cereal, tea, washing powder, desiccants.


立式颗粒物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg







Packing speed

25-60 bags/min

Packing volume


Making bag size

L: 80-300mm, W: 80-200mm

Film width

≤ 420mm

Thickness of film roll


Pulling film type

Double belt pull film

Air consumption

0.8Mpa, 0.5m³/min

Packing accuracy

≤ ±1%


2.5 KW

Power supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz

Seal type

Pillow seal, Gusset bag, Block bottom bag 

Main machine net weight


Main machine dimension

L1320 × W920 × H1390mm



Function and features for Sugar Salt Snack Vertical Automatic Grain Packing Machine :


1.This machine can automatically complete following work: material lifting--multi-head weighter measuring--coding--bag making--filling--gas injection / exhaust (optional)--sealing--counting-- conveying finished products--sorting finished products.


2.PLC servo and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to form the drive control center; high reliability and the intellectualized degree, and equipped with safety protection.


3.Touch screen can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters, when replacement product can be used at any time without having to reset.


4.Equipped with fault display system, when the fault occurs, be clear at a glance, in order to promptly eliminate.


5.Can make hole punching device after customer’s request.

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