Full Automatic Vertical Packing Machine for Vegetable Seed

Product Description Full Automatic Vertical Packing Machine For Vegetable Seed It suits to pack various granules, like peanut, sunflower seeds, almonds, chocolate, raisins, rice, nuts, sugar, salt, beans, popcorn, cookies, biscuits, tea, grain, cereal, desiccant, chips etc. It's fully...

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Full Automatic Vertical Packing Machine For Vegetable Seed

Vertical volumetric cup measuring weighing packing machine is suitable for various granulars, such as peanuts, melon seeds, beans,  rice, salt, sugar, popcorn, grains, green beans, seeds, popcorn and  any fully automatic packaging materials.


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Model No.HTL-420A
Product ApplicationAll kinds of Granule Packing
ApplicationSugar, Rice, Beans, Nuts, etc.
Volume RangeMax.1000ml(g)
Packing Size (mm)L:80-300 W:80-200mm
Machine Speed15-60 bags/min
Film Width180-420mm
Packing FilmLaminated/complex/composite film thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 2.4Kw
Machine Size (mm)1750*1050*2600mm (L*W*H)
Machine Weight750kgs
Feeding SystemBig hopper elevator
Measuring SystemVolumetric Cup Weigher
Contact PartsFood Grade Stainless SS 304
Sealing TypeBack Sealed Pillow Type, Gusset bag, Quad seal bag
Machine FeaturesIndividual Temperature Control, High Speed 
AdditionalToolbox+operation instruction+Easy-worn spare parts
Optional FeaturesPunching Cutting Device, Linking Device, One-way valve


Vertical Packing Machine for Rice

1.New design with perfect fashion, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology.

2.Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, intuitionistic and efficient.

3.Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor,super excellentcapability for complete machine, perfect packaging.

4.Various kinds of bag, it could provide the hand hole bag, link bag, etc.

5.The machine complete the whole procedure of deeding,measuring,bagging,date printing,

charging(exhausting),product out-putting automatically.

6.High precision,high efficiency without crash the materials.

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