Automaitc Salt Packing Machine for Sachet (1-300g)
  • Automaitc Salt Packing Machine for Sachet (1-300g)
  • Automaitc Salt Packing Machine for Sachet (1-300g)
  • Automaitc Salt Packing Machine for Sachet (1-300g)

Automaitc Salt Packing Machine for Sachet (1-300g)

Product Description Automaitc Salt Packing Machine For Sachet (1-300g) 1.The salt packing machine is fully automated operation, it can achieve product packing assembly line work, and improving production efficiency and significantly reduce product cost. 2. The salt stick packing machine conforms...

Product Details

Applications for Automaitc Salt / Sugar / Beans / Seeds/ Rice Granule Packing Machine for Sachet (1-300g)

This machine is widely used for granulated sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, coffee, salt, rice, washing powder, desiccant, silica gel, medical and chemical granule/grain quantitative packaging.

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Small sachet types: stick type, 4 side seal sachet, 3 side seal sachet, linking sachet, central seal type (pillow bag)



Packing Process for small sachet packing machine




Packing Speed

30-70 bags/min

Bag-Making Size

Width 30-150mm, Length 50-200mm

Filling Range


Packing Materials

OPP/CPP PET/PE PET-AL/PE composite material

Film Width


Film thickness


Film Roll Diameter

Max. 320mm

Power Supply

AC220V/380V 50/60Hz 2.5kw

Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight


Features for small salt packing machine

1. Plug and play design, micro-computer control, no need technical background to operate and adjust.
2. Economic volumetric cup weighing filling system, easy to adjust for different net weights.
3. Reliable photoelectrical sensor to track color mark for precise bag length.
4. Separate intelligent temperature controllers for perfect sealing, make different composite packaging films applicable.
5. SS304 frame, durable, robust, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
6. 10 years serving life under routine maintenance.




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