Sachet Granule Packing Machine for Sale

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Product Details


This is a full 304 stainless steel made vertical packing machine which is mainly used to pack granule products.

You can just put the roll film on the machine, it can make it into the bags you want .

such as sugar, rice, salt, beans, washing powder,seeds,etc.


立式颗粒物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg

Bag type: 

Hot Sales VFFS sachet granule packing machine for salt HT-280K



Automatic granule packing machine HTL-400A details:

Main Parameter



 Packing speed

 30-60 bags/min


salt packing machine

 Making bag size


 Packing accurate

 ±1% (depends on product)



 Power supply

 AC 220V 50/60Hz

 Sealing type

 Pillow, thress / four sides seal

 Net weight


 Machine size



Main function: 

1. This machine can automatically complete cup volumetric filler measuring--coding (optional)--bag making--filling--gas injection/exhaust (optional)--sealing--counting.


2.Computer/PLC control system, photoelectric tracking, high reliability and intellectualized degree.


3. Has fault display system, easy to operate and maintain.


4. Make punching blade (round/ euro hole) and linked bags device after customer's request.
Machine body and all food touching part are made by stainless steel (measuring cup material:nylon/stainless steel).




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