Hot Selling Liquid Sachet Packing Machine Made In China

Hot Selling Liquid Sachet Packing Machine Made In China

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Product Details

Package material: Roll of laminated film, BOPP/CPP/VMCPP,BOPP/PE,PET/VMPET,PE,PET/PE,etc




This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid of foods,medicine and chemicals,such as pesticide,shampoo,body foam bath lotion,facial cream,ingredient oil,fruit sauce,tomato ketchup and honey etc. 


Sachet sample:


Center seal, Three side seal, Four side seal

Machine features:

1. This machine can finish : forming bag--measuring--material filling—sealing—counting—date code printing, all the work automatically; 2. Photoelectric and tracing system or computer system can be provided without your specific requirements.


3. The PLC controller has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag; the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons;


4. This machine can be installed to code printer for 1-3 lines characters such as production and expiry date according to your special request.




Technical Parameters:





 30-60 bags/min

 Range of measurement

 5-200 ml

 Bag size

 (L)30-200 (W)30-150mm

Sealing Type

3 or  4 side sealing



 Total power

 AC220V, 50/60Hz

 Packing material

 Paper/the  polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc

 Net weight


 Overall dimensions


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