CE Certification Automatic Vertical Powder Sachet Packaging Machine

Product Description CE Certification AutomaticVerical Powder Sachet Packaging Machine To pack granule products, like spice , chili powder, herb powder, detergent powder, milk powder, flour powder, coffee powder,soybean powder, medicine powder, cosmetic powder, facial mask powder, chemical...

Product Details

Small sahcet powder packing machine for packing Powder coffee, spices, flour, milk powder, wheat flour, etc. 



Suitable packaging materials:

Poly/paper, Paper/PE, PT/PE, PET/AL Plating/PE, BOPP/PE, Tea filter paper and other compound materials can be heat sealed. 




Machine performance for small powder sachet packaging machine:

  • Working process: bag making—auger filler measuring--material filling—sealing—cutting--counting;

  • The computer controller has the advantages into setting the length of the bag, the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons;

  • It can be installed to date code printer according to customers' request.

  • All food touching parts: made by 304 stainless steel.

Optional functions:

This machine can be installed to a color ribbon DATE printer to Print automatically the 1-3 lines code or date.

Hole device.

Output conveyor.

Linking device

Gas injection/exaust.

Technical parameters for small sachet packing machine:

Packing rate

30-70 bags/min

Forming bag size

 L: 30-200mm, W: 30-150mm

Maximum film roll width


Filling range


Packing accuracy ≤±1%

Total Power

1.6 KW


 1 Ph. 220V, 50/60Hz 

 Machine size

 1200*920*2150 mm

  Net weight





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